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John Meynard KEYNES
- "The diifculty is not to
understand new ideas,
but to escape old ones."

Act with confidence

Protect your ideas



Externalities in thinking

To join his colleagues

Act with confidence


Only human trust determines the success of a project. To carry an energy, an idea, a conviction, a will, a hope, to push a door to propose something, are all acts of personal commitment that deserve to be heard and accompanied. “Taking the step” to propose new solutions or innovative technologies,trying to respond to the major challenges of the world call for respect. This requires listening and mutual trust.

EMERGENCE STARTUP aims to have 100% of the submitted projects heard and accompanied by the European Federations led by ZENON7 from the European Union.

Idea protection

Protect Your ideas

When you submit your idea to EMERGENCE STARTUP, it is automatically covered by a secret notification. As soon as you submit your idea, you receive a confirmation email stating that throughout the process of working with you, your idea will not be disclosed. There will be no communication on the web. Only key players in the federations will be involved. You will be systematically provided with a list of people who will be involved in the training process.


First stage of cooperation

As soon as you file your idea,you will have free access to and in less than 48 hours to:

Secure Sovereign Cloud

A CLOUD space hosted in Europe, secure and dedicated to exchanges

Digital intelligence and knowledge

Digital intelligence and knowledge focused around your idea

Personalised support

Each person benefits from personalized support that meets their objectives.

From the filing of your idea on EMERGENCE STARTUP, you will be put in contact with an official of the European federation concerned with your subject. You will have an online exchange with him where you can freely deepen your guidelines, your ambition and your needs. Before this discussion, you will receive privileged access to a secure CLOUD space dedicated to your project. In this space will be a digital watch note around your subject, potential markets, technologies and similar concepts. This watch mark is developed in accordance with the keywords you have chosen.


What technologies can be proposed?

We believe in HOMO FABER, the man who manufactures.

In general, an innovation can only exist and protect itself when it is based on a material innovation, an object or technologies that can be touched.

EMERGENCE STARTUP’s projects do not follow the contemporary – and sometimes sterile – logic of capturing attention or value on the real economy. The technologies are geared towards the creation of new values, generating human activity and contributing to the global issues raised by the Partner European Federations. Today, the transition from idea to object has become simple. Prototype manufacturing and experimentation are at your fingertips.

Externalities into the reflection

Integrate "externalities" into the reflection

The most difficult projects to implement are often the simplest: the least resource-intensive, the ones that have the least impact on their environment. The simplest are the systems that last, robust, that can be easily maintained or repaired. In short, it is about creating products whose social and environmental externality are taken into account at every stage, and which have a positive impact for the planet,natural resources and individuals.
Cooperations beetween actors

To join his colleagues

Knowledge multiplies, grows and enriches itself when it is shared. With the same goal, you can have multiple looks, and take very different paths to achieve a result. This result is sometimes far from the point of origin while being efficient and useful to all. The sum of the results allows to arrive at many answers for the same issue, adapted according to the situations. The sum of these shared ideas underpins profound societal changes. Thus, in EMERGENCE STARTUP, we do not think projects compete with each other, but complement a complementarity. Without communicating on each other’s projects, we group projects by themes and connect their authors to provide each other’s responses, create mutual aid and act as colleagues who work together.
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